Are You Ready to Move Forward ?

As human beings, we are often way more than we believe we are capable of being and my passion is to help people and organisations to thrive and move forward in the direction that you know deep down is possible.

We get one life and we can’t ever go back; are you ready to thrive and move forward?

Design coaching is a bespoke one-to-one coaching programme that supports individuals seeking a new direction, clarification or resolution.

This programme is a blend of coaching and mentoring and suitable for people that have become stuck in their professional life and straddles business and career coaching.

The essence of this is to decontsruct the situation to enable you to gain clarity and, therefore, place energy in the correct place and in the logical order!

People make an organisation; investing in your people, management, and leadership helps your organisation to grow and flourish.

Insights Discovery workshops are a powerful and motivational day that brings your people together and provides everyone with an understanding of their own preferences and behaviour styles. Knowing this about yourself and of others in your team helps you understand when and where to apply some flexibility to be more effective with others and more productive in certain situations.

My extensive experience in dentistry as a clinician, dental business coach and educator in the industry is diverse and I love supporting the profession and industry in several capacities. I provide training programmes and online courses on my platform Love Your Dentistry as well as partnering with industry in products and companies that I believe increase the value proposition to the patient.


My background and the core of who I am has been shaped with over 32 years of working in dentistry and a natural interest in people, team dynamics and customer service.

My career started as a dental nurse, then dental hygienist, and in about 2005 my interest shifted from clinical dentistry to the business of dentistry and in particular bonding the connections between people, clinical and business processes to deliver extreme customer service.

I have continually invested in my own personal development in areas such as NLP, service design and marketing and as a result of that am drawn to helping people, teams and organisations to move forward and thrive.

I provide one-to-one coaching, leadership and team development training and service design business consultancy.

How to work with me. 

Everything begins with a conversation for me to have an understanding of your current challenges to know how I can support you. We can work together:

  • In Person and with Your Whole Team
  • Remote Training
  • Online Courses
  • Flo was the 1st hygienist in Scotland to pioneer the use of the Florida Probe. I know her as a dental Hygienist, lecturer and coach. She is very passionate about preventative dentistry, people and the use of technology to aid education. Having delivered seminars for us the feedback we receive is outstanding particularly her ability to instruct using the technology combined with communication. She really shows clinicians how to properly integrate technology such as Florida probe and the Schick Intra–Oral camera into their clinical protocols. I couldn’t recommend her services highly enough for any Practice wishing to move to a high level of preventative care and patient acceptance. A true professional, motivator and leader.
    James Elliot Clark Dental
  • I have known Flo since 2006 when she was a Hygienist at our Practice. She looked after mine and my family’s hygiene care until last year and the consensus of opinion was that she was the BEST hygienist we have ever had take care of our teeth. At this time she was also embarking on coaching training with a management company we were in partnership with.  She really had a natural talent for it and over the years has used her experiences to perfect her presentations.  She has helped many Dental Practices implement systems to make their practices run more efficiently and profitably. She has been organising our training days for the last 2 years and has gained a reputation for making her programmes easily understood and fun to attend.  She has an ability to coach people to communicate better to achieve the desired outcome by teaching a particular set of skills which, with practice help, to achieve the goal that is being aimed for.
    Dawn Smith Cherrybank Dental Spa Business Manager
  • I received training and coaching from Flora over a course of approximately eighteen months. She is so passionate and enthusiastic about her work that she inspires those around her to push them that bit further to achieve exceptional personal goals. Flora's ability to communicate with every member of the team in the same respect is something that is truly admirable. She caters for every member equally. I can confidently recommend Flo and her expertise in the area of training and coaching. She provides a service that is second to none and is focused and dedicated to her work.
    Eilish Duffy EDT Tutor Therapist
  • Just a little note to say thank you for all of the training you did with my team and myself. I really thought I only needed some front desk training and am so glad I invested in developing my whole team because for the first time ever I can relax. I know that my team understands the business vision and objectives; they take ownership and make it happen. I used to micro manage everything along with seeing patients but I can now breath knowing my business runs without my input in every minute detail. Thanks to you I am able to very much enjoy overdue family time knowing my team can handle everything. I can’t wait to continue working with you. Thanks a million Elaine.
    Elaine Kenneth FreshInc Medi Spa Owner
  • Flo has been an inspiration to many team members in her career at Cherrybank Dental Spa and also to teams outwith that she coaches. I truly believe that we have the very best hygiene department in the country and Flo was absolutely at the centre of creating that. My experience working with Flo is that of a dental hygienist and of team trainer and in both of her roles is effective because she is a great communicator and has the ability to put people at ease. Flo is a truly outstanding professional and everything she does is carried out with enthusiasm, passion, dedication and professionalism.
    Jillian Melloy Cherrybank Dental Spa Practice Manager
  • “Having worked with a few dental consultancy companies over the years, Connect Coaching is definitely the way forward. Flo’s energy and passion really helped to motivate everyone and get the whole team engaged. Grow with Flo!”
    Susan Andrews The Smile Spa

Are you looking for coaching, training or help in designing your services?