As a dental hygienist and dental business coach & consultant I deliver training programmes on my ‘Love Your Dentistry’ Platform which I am a co-founder.

I also partner with industry leaders providing education to the dental profession.

My work as a dental hygienist involves educating patients and helping them to move towards health which is very rewarding.  I was fortunate to work in a very progressive dental practice and we delivered the highest value to the patient and also used the latest technologies and equipment.  The desire I had to help patients improve their oral health and how technology enhanced that became a large part of my mission to help others do the same within the dental profession.

That continues today and with the evolution of the digital era, my mission within dentistry is to help dental practices to build the digital prevention model so that their patients benefit from optimum health and function.



Dental Industry

  • Product Launch Partner
  • Educator for Preventive Digital Technology
  • Workshops
  • Speaker

Why me?

With over 34 years in dentistry along with years of investment in my education in areas such as NLP, service design, marketing my passion is in people development.

Having worked both in the industry and the profession, my services ultimately help industry serve the profession and help the profession to better support their patient through personal and/or practice development programmes.

Most of my training and online programmes are found on Love Your Dentistry

You will fine a variety of training programmes and online courses.  Our latest course that we released, ‘how to design a profitable periodontal programme’ utilising the S3 guidelines is available as an online course and we are also hosting live events next year.