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My background and the core of who I am has been shaped with over 31 years in dentistry.  My career started as a dental nurse, then dental hygienist, and in about 2005 my interest shifted from clinical dentistry to the business of dentistry and in particular bonding the connections between clinical and business processes.

I also developed an interest in facial aesthetics and was one of the earliest hygienists to undergo training and that was back in 2008.  I did that for 8 years and I loved it but there were many restrictions that excluded us from going on advanced courses resulting in my skillset being limited but my aesthetic experience enables me to support aesthetic clinics as I do dental practices.

By helping you to see every facet of patient interactions by both the business and clinical teams, we then together design your patient journey that the whole team play a role in delivering and one that grows your business.

Ideally, this is carried out at your premises but this can also be carried out through video conferencing.

Within my work, I have also created online courses that enable practices and clinics to have evergreen training at their fingertips.  These courses are run through The Profitable Hygienist which is an online platform dedicated to building and growing a profitable hygiene room that ultimately fuels the success of the whole practice.

My vision is for clinicians to value their expertise and through using the best products and equipment deliver a service that optimises the patient care and the one which they place a high value upon.  Reaching that vision is engineered through direct support to dental practices or working with industry leaders to support the profession.

When I do switch off from dentistry and easthetics, my two children and my first loves.  They probably know more about skin and teeth than any other child!

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Having coached lots of dental practices to develop their team and systems as well as over 30 years of experience in the dental profession, my offerings as a coach has been built upon many facets within dentistry.

Having run coaching programmes within dentistry since 2005, my experience has straddled many aspects of dental practice management. Within that my expertise and passion are in supporting dental practices to grow through developing their patient experience. I work with dental practices using Patient Journey Design which is designing and systemising all of the touchpoints your patient has with each team member to support the dentistry you are passionate about doing.

Your patient journey will evolve with every course, legislation change etc. and each team member needs to be prepared for this evolution and their role within every piece of change.

Don’t just talk about your patient journey like it’s a thing that just happens. I will help you to design it, map it out and understand how the many pieces in the journey connect and the consequences of them not.

This is the often-missing vital connector to being able to do the dentistry you love to do.


Private medical and/or aesthetic clinics have a lot to learn from dentistry and having coached many dental practices since 2005 as well as having delivered facial aesthetic treatments from 2008 to 2015, I understand the profession and industry very well.

There are many similarities between dental and medical practices and there are many differences and lots that each type of business can learn from the other.

I help medical/aesthetic clinics to develop and grow their business by creating amazing patient experiences. To consistently deliver amazing patient experiences, you need to first map out what that is and then systemise the processes within each of the touchpoints that your patient interacts with.
Some of the elements involved are marketing and how that connects with the call, call handling, scheduling, the consultation and developing long and short-term treatment plans, communication and selling, and nurturing and retaining your patients.

Patient journey design is about people; people first, then blending their skills with the systems and the results follow! The aesthetic patient needs to trust your skills but it’s your manner and how you make them feel that differentiates you from others.

Do you need your team improved?

Vision, goals, people, processes and promotion skills equal a business that grows from helping your patients receive the best treatment.